I'm a singer and musician, sound engineer, karaoke owner and business man and own and run a-state-of-the-art home recording studio. I started schooling at Prinshof School in Pretoria, transferred to Pioneer School for the Blind at Worcester, then went on to Cape Town's Athlone School for the Blind. I left at 16 after becoming a professional musician and finding it difficult to perform twice a week and follow school classes.

With my parents unwavering support I decided to make music my business after appearing on the children's show "Wielie Walie" and giving sighted children a look into the life of a blind kid. Thereafter I tackled everything with the same enthusiasm, including a course in sound engineering. With the help of my lecturer, Michael Slater at the Sound Studio in Durbanville, I finished among the top in my class and was awarded a diploma as a qualified sound engineer.

The technical knowledge and skill came in handy when my dad an I started building my state-of-the-art sound booth for my home studio where I do recordings for my clients. I don't see obstacles, just challenges, and believe there is nothing I can't achieve despite being blind.