studio- LIVE SHOWS -
It's one thing to cut a good album in the studio. It's another thing entirely to stand on a stage and entertain a crowd. Although I've been doing LIVE SHOWS since 1995, I still enjoy every moment of it. With my experience and equipment every show is a professional masterpiece.
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Whether its a private function or party, karaoke is always a success. Music always brings people closer and having these people performing adds that little touch of something else. With professional equipment and the best karaoke songs each event is sure to be enjoyable. Download a complete list of my karaoke songs here.
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With my completely sound proof recording studio and professional equipment, you are guaranteed a professional recording. Be it music, backing vocals or special sound effects, everything can and has been done right here. For a preview of some of my songs please visit my about me page.

Background music or specialized jingles for advertisements or private projects also form part of my experience. Be it revamping an original piece or creating a completely new one, music might be the spark needed to ignite your flaming advertisement.
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Having a professional backing track is not a privilege but an absolute must for every performer. Having great sounding backtrax separates the beginners from the pro's. With my talent and equipment you can be sure you have professional sounding backtrax at your disposal.
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